Introducing the new ATV Companion cart

This new cart brings a whole new meaning to carrying cargo with your ATV/ UTV. Whether itís used as a hunting cart, fishing cart, camping cart, farming cart, acreage maintenance cart or a trail riding cart the companion has your ATVís back. The trailer is made out of lightweight aluminum and only weighs 60 lbs. and with such a compact design it doesn’t limit getting into those tight places.

atv companion












ATV Trailer / Cart Specs

The cart is 32″ wide and 60″ long when folded down with 10″ of ground clearance and a 500lb load capacity. In its up position itís approx.† 18″ above your back luggage rack. This cart will not interfere with rear mounted storage boxes, sprayers or bags. This cart / trailer supports a 5″ railing, mesh floor, and side walls to keep cargo in place.† If you need to use it in the winter time for ice or snow we have optional aluminum ski’s that bolt in place of the wheels.

ATV or UTV must have a 2″ receiver installed on it to mount up. If you donít have a 2″ receiver hitch, no problem, they make 2″ receiver kits to fit almost every model of ATV/UTV and are relatively inexpensive and easy to install.† This is the lightest, quietest and most versatile ATV cart/ trailer on the market.

The ATV Companion is made in the USA by outdoorsman that saw the need for more capacity on an ATV.












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