Aluminum tow dolly for you fish house. No more driving your truck on the ice. Use this revolutionary fish house dolly behind your ATV or UTV. Works great for even the larger fish houses. Ice houses are getting bigger and bigger every year. Stop adding so much weight to the ice. Take your ATV or UTV instead!

Your ATV has the power to pull a fish house or ice shack. It just doesn’t have the suspension to carry it. NOW IT DOES! This fish house dolly will carry the load. The ball can slide forward or backward to give you more or less tongue weight depending on how you want it set up. This is a heavy duty set up. This fish house dolly uses heavy spindles, hubs and 12″ tires to take on the load. This dolly is the same width as an ATV. Can be made custom width as well. Some people prefer ski’s but in my experience wheels are better. The rolling weight seems easier to pull. This dolly is a bolt together unit and can ship anywhere. Another one of the MANY uses of the dolly is for pulling water carts around in order to water your trees or tow other trailers including boats!